Juergen: Let the comedy show begin. Obama is coming to town

It is not really a comedy show, it is too sad for that.

But it is funny to think back on the days of President Bush… How Christians in Norway were so charmed by his “Christian testimony”, his support for Israel… His anti-abortion stand. So charmed that they even supported the war in Iraq, because this President “was a man of God.”

And now the Norwegian Christians are lying prostate for President Obama… Probably because at one point they became so ashamed of having supported Bush and his wars. It’s like now they want to support anyone except George W Bush, and they hope people have forgotten how they supported Bush in the past.

Right now thousands of Norwegians are preparing for Obama’s arrival. 3000 people are expected to participate in a parade honoring the President, including Nobel Peace Concert host Will Smith, carrying parade torches as a symbol of the support of Obama and his effort to reduce the nuclear weapon arms. The paroles are: “No to nuclear weapons” and “Standing with Obama for a world with no nuclear weapons”.

The sad part is that they don’t see that the President is nothing but an actor (and a good one, for sure), acting out the policies of the people who paid for his campaign.

How else can you explain his total change of mind on so many important issues that he fronted during his campaign?

Could it be that he is nothing but a puppet, controlled by the puppet masters?

I wonder if the first command he received was something like this:

  • “Use your charisma to become as popular as possible. Lie when you have to, because honestly, you are very good at lying, much better than Bush”

I don’t know, I am just guessing… The same people who paid to get Bush into office, have now paid to get Obama into office. It is like they pick their favorites on both sides, Republicans AND Democrats. I am sure they don’t really care if their Republican favorite wins or their Democrat favorite wins… Because they know that they will get value for their money anyway, otherwise they would not pay them these amounts.

  • “We paid. Now it is your turn to give us value for the money, Mr President.”


Ah, so that is why President Bush’s politics continue even under President Obama, because it wasn’t really Bush’s politics? And it isn’t Obama’s politics? The puppets just do as they are told?


  • “We know that a lot of people liked what you said about getting rid of lobbyists when you were campaigning, Mr President. Here’s what you do: just pretend you never said those things. Because you never really expected us to allow those changes, did you? We didn’t pay for you to get rid of us.”

  • “And, yes, the signing statements. You did a good job criticizing Bush on this unlawful practice. Here’s the thing: you will have to do the exact same thing as Bush. Don’t worry, people will be so happy about your health reform anyway… Which we approve of, as long as it is on our terms, of course. So it doesn’t matter if you called the signing statements unconstitutional. You will have to do signing statements. Case closed.”

  • “And the things you said about getting the soldiers home. That was great. We liked that. But of course, that won’t happen. We will write some great scripts for you to read off the teleprompters. You are such a great reader, we are sure this won’t be a problem.”

  • “You criticized Bush for putting Wall Street ahead of Main Street. Very catchy, you drove that argument home real good. Well, we are Wall Street, we are the reason why you are in office… so of course, you will continue to put us first… Understood?”

  • “Shutting down Guantanamo… Go ahead, we don’t care. As long as you keep the rendition laws active. The secret torture chambers around the world are much more important than Guantanamo. However, we all know that Guantanamo can’t be closed in a year… But that was an excellent lie, people really bought it. We are proud of you. People will love you for not being Bush, just wait and see. The timing is perfect. Go out and charm the world.”

Mr President. I don’t buy it. I am sorry, but I don’t believe you are real. I did believe in you once, and I really hoped you would become the President of US of A… Because what happens in the USA is important for the world. It affects people in Norway and other nations.

Your mantras were “Change we can believe in” and “Yes, we can”.

And yes, YOU have changed. And yes, seems like you really can continue in the same direction as Bush and get away with it… At least people here in Norway still love you… Do they still love you in the US of A, or has the reality dawned on them yet?

If you really meant what you said about not putting Wall Street ahead of Main Street, you would support Ron Paul’s initiative to audit the fed, exposing the criminal activities that have been going on for years… But wait… Those mega-criminals are your bosses, right? So I guess you are obligated to stop that bill from becoming a law… Maybe you will stop it by calling it a “threat to national security”? Or maybe the White House will say that auditing the Federal Reserve Bank will destroy the economy? “And nobody wants that, right?”

I hope I am wrong. Because even a bought-and-paid-for President who is in the pockets of powerful people should be able to wake up one morning and realize that he does not have to be controlled. He should be able to grow a spine. Like Kennedy did. A spine would suit you, Obama, former teacher of the Constitution. I would love to see that happen.

So welcome to Norway, President Obama. Yes, we have politicians who lie.. We are not perfect… Of course you have heard about our recent scandal, how “sausage-Hansen” lied about not leaving politics before the election… But that is just “småtterier”, as we say, compared to your lies…

And really, I have to say: It was really embarrassing when the Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize Committee announced you the winner… But I guess you felt a bit ashamed yourself when you got “torbjorned”..?

But it was strange to watch clip this again, with a new perspective…:

Never funny to watch the lies, though….

nor the conclusion:

«Det er en skam at Obama, som nå har avlyst det meste og ikke engang våger møte pressen (ikke engang CNN!), ikke også avlyste hele prisen», skriver Johan Galtung.

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5 kommentarer

  1. On 9. desember, 2009 at 12:41 am USMC Sier:

    God bless Barack Obama and the United States of America!


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  2. On 9. desember, 2009 at 10:02 pm BurnieBerit Sier:

    I’ve never felt that the reciever of the Nobel peace prize was ungreatful. I feel that now.

    I guess the good thing about this prize is the debate it has caused. :)

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  3. On 9. desember, 2009 at 10:07 pm Hanne E. Donovan Sier:

    Ingen i europa likte President Bush.

    Nå har europa endelig fått den sosialistiske Amerikanske presidenten som de så lenge har ventet på.
    Europa er mer fornøyd med Barack Hussein Obama enn det
    vi er i USA.

    Barack har heldigvis blitt gjennomskuet av mange her borte, mens de hjernevaskede sosialistiske menneskene i Norge og europa gengerellt fortsatt er i lala land når det gjelder Barack.

    Som en nordmann i USA er jeg utrolig flau over at Nobels Fredspris gis til en person som ikke har gjort en ting annet enn komme med en masse tomme løfter og har flydd verden over for å be om unskyldning for alt USA har gjort gjennom tidene.

    Denne tildelingen er en stor FLAUSE!

    Her hjemme var mange konservative kristne tilhengere av Bush lenge etter at resten av verden hadde gjennomskuet mannen, bl.a fordi man husket fremdeles hans “rørende vitnesbyrd” om hvordan han møtte Gud.
    Se f.eks på denne avisen: idag.no og deres Bush omtale… Og hvordan de var ute av stand til å se at Bush sin begredelige politikk og løgner var medvirkende til at Obama vant, når de liksom skulle komme med sin “intellektuelle analyse” av hvorfor Obama vant valget: Hvorfor vant Obama?. (Jeg vil ikke overvurdere hvilken grad denne avisens holdninger representerer holdninger til kristenfolket i Norge, selv om de liker å tro selv at de er Kristenfolket med stor K. Men man skal heller ikke undervurdere deres påvirkningskraft.)

    Ja, fredsprisen er virkelig en flause.

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  4. On 10. desember, 2009 at 6:13 am Elvis Sier:

    It s not Obamas fault that he was awarded the Nobel prize. It s T. Jagland 15 minutes of fame. He s buying publicity to get a better job. Jagland is a traitor to the norwegian people and he and his comrades in the goverment see the taxpayers money as their own. Youth in Norway get mugged on the subway but no police to help. When Obama arrives there is no end to the money the receive. I like Obama and he is welcome to Norway. It is Jagland you should critizize.

    I am not criticizing Obama for winning the prize. I am criticizing him for saying one thing and doing the opposite.Click here

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  5. On 10. desember, 2009 at 9:08 am Ketil Sier:

    Jeg synes at dette er helt latterlig. Eneste grunnen til at Obama får denne prisen, er det at han er usa sin første svarte president. det er det ingen grunn til å legge skjul på. Og kultur departemanget har kjøpt et armbånd til 15000 kr til første damen…hvorfor?? Har vi ikke brukt nok skattepenger på dette greiene her?? Tenk om vi hadde puttet det inn i noe som var verdt det, istedenfor å bruke det slik at Jagland kan få møte sitt største idol?? Jeg må si det at jeg har vært for Obama en stund, men begynner å snu når jeg ser hvor arrogant han egentlig er. Som en sann amerikaner. Forguder bakken han går på og tror han er kongen over verden…

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